Island Storage
If you're in need of storage for your RV, camper, trailer or watercraft, we have a convenient, on-island solution for you. Available next to Springtide Village shortly after you enter the security gate, you can take advantage of open-air, non-covered parking on-island for your choice of short or long-term storage. Best of all, this location is set up as self-service parking with convenient pre-payment dropped off at Springtide Market. With 24/7 access to the property, the convenience can't be beat!
Rental PeriodRate
Covered StorageNegotiable
Parking Instructions
  1. As you enter the parking lot, retrieve rental form and storage rates from office wall file box on the right. 
  2. Please read and fill out completely.
  3. Check your rate on the rate sheet.
  4. Locate a parking space at the rear of the property. (It’s important not to block the road or other vehicles in the lot.)
  5. If paying by check, make payable to Springtide Village.
  6. Place form and check in an envelope and mark envelope “Springtide Parking”.
  7. Take it to the Springtide Market at the entrance of Fripp island. (1 Tarpon Blvd.)
  8. Give your payment (check or cash) to the cashier at the market.

Have Questions? Call Don Peel 843-263-3029