Day Trips
Day Trips
Aside from the many activities available on Fripp Island, the surrounding Beaufort area provides many additional attractions. Beaufort’s National Historic Landmark District, the second oldest city in South Carolina, delights its visitors with its breathtakingly beautiful and natural vistas along with the intricate architecture from the Colonial and Antebellum Eras. Beaufort remains the Queen of the South Carolina Sea Islands in its charm, natural beauty, fascinating history, and rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Other area attractions include the lighthouse, pier, and beaches of Hunting Island State Park. Located between Fripp Island and Harbor Island on US 21, this popular park is a large secluded barrier island with a historic 1859 lighthouse as its centerpiece and a semi-tropical abundance of plants and wildlife. The Hunting Island Light is the island's third lighthouse and is open to the public.

The history of Fripp Island and the surrounding area is as omnipresent as the Spanish moss draped over the limbs of the live oaks. The Penn Center, Parris Island Museum, and Beaufort Museum are but a few of the places for a visitor to begin. Between the natural beauty of the Fripp Island Low country setting and all the first-class amenities offered by the Fripp Island Club, you can enjoy many exciting activities without ever leaving the island.
Beaufort, South Carolina
The port town of Beaufort perfectly embodies the southern charm of the Low country. Historic homes dating from as early as 1717, and grandiose mansions built in the pre-Civil War era have been carefully restored to bring you back in time.

Beaufort has the charm of a historic southern town and the class of the big cities! From fine dining options to waterfront pubs, Beaufort offers an eclectic experience. You can explore the history of the town, peruse the shops, or attend a weekend festival! Not to mention, Beaufort also has several locations to drop a boat in the water, explore the intercoastal waterway, and even cast your fishing line to take a fresh catch home.