Fun At The Beach
Fun at the Beach
Fripp Island is the hidden gem of the South Carolina coastline. Golden sand stretches for three and a half miles while the waves of the Atlantic gently crash on the shore. The first steps you take onto the beach are into the soft powdery sand dunes. As you near the water the sand is tightly packed perfect for a sunrise jog or bike. The water is always refreshing, with a cool 80 degrees in the summer and 60 degrees at it lowest winter temperature.

Fripp can provide you with the most relaxing sun soaking session you've ever had as you are lulled into a trance by the ocean sounds. If you want a little more excitement, Fripp’s waves are perfect for body boarding, and the beach is flat for skimboarding. At low tide head towards the sandbars at the north of the island to find beautiful shells just waiting to be added to your collection.

Fripp Island boasts the most beautiful beach on the South Carolina coastline. Not to mention, Fripp is the home to amazing wildlife and an island full of possibilities it’s shocking how private the beach feels. Finding a spot to relax in the sun or play in the sand is never a challenge.

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Beach Time

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