Fripp Island Weather

Perfect Island Weather...All Year Long

Fripp Island is a year ‘round beach destination. During the spring and fall, visitors enjoy mild temperatures, with highs in the 70s, perfect for lounging on the beach and exploring the island. The peak summer season has warm sunny days in the upper 80s and there are fun things to do on the beach as well as throughout the island. If you love sweater weather, come stay when the island is quiet and relaxing during the cooler months of December, January and February with highs in the 60s. Any time of year on Fripp is the perfect time.

Fripp Island Forecast

Know the weather as you plan your island vacation.  If you're heading out on the water, check the tides.  Rain or shine, there is plenty to see and do on your Fripp Island vacation.

Fripp Island Average Temperatures

Enjoy beautiful weather year 'round.  While summer is the most popular, spring and fall offer amazing weather, with days in the mid to upper 70s.  For you sweater-weather people, come enjoy the quiet winter months with highs in the mid 60s.



Weather – Spring300
Average Temp: 77°

A wonderful time on the island, spring welcomes new flora and fauna and warm ocean breezes. With mild weather and plenty of sun, it's the perfect time of year for golf and tennis.


Weather – Summer300
Average Temp: 89°

Summer is the most popular time to visit Fripp Island. If you love the hot days and a lively beach, this is the time for you. You'll also find tons of activities going on from the Resort as well as on the nearby islands.


Weather – Fall300
Average Temp: 77°

Fall days are just right for taking a ride on the beach or toodling around the island to enjoy the nature and amazing wildlife. A little more laid back than in the summer months, there's plenty of time to relax and unwind.


Weather – Winter300
Average Temp: 62°

Get away from the snow and enjoy amazing sunsets on Fripp's beautiful beaches. Take long walks on the beach with your furbabies and make lifetime memories with family and friends.

Moonlit Walks on the Beach

Enjoy a beach stroll by moonlight.  It's the perfect way to end a beautiful day on the island.

Visitors often ask if sea turtles come out during a full moon.  They actually nest and emerge from nests during all moon phases.  That said, the adult and hatchling turtles use the natural light to guide their way.  Read more about "Lights Out for Turtles".

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th.  Six South Carolina, coastal counties border the Atlantic, including Beaufort County.  These counties have more than 200 miles of general coastline with low elevations, which increases the vulnerability to tropical depressions and hurricanes. 

The greatest threat to life and property is associated with storm surge.  Keep in mind that inland counties may experience flooding associated with heavy rainfall. 

Stay tuned to local agencies to keep up to date with any forecasted storms and understand how they may affect your Fripp Island vacation.


Know Your Zone

Fripp Island is in Zone A.

As you can see from the map at right, all of the South Carolina Sea Islands are in flood prone areas that fall into evacuation Zone A.  These are the areas that will be called to evacuate first in the event of an on-coming storm.

The Beaufort County Sheriff's Office has a lot of helpful, local information regarding storm preparedness, places to find shelter and frequently asked questions.

For statewide information, visit the South Carolina Emergency Management Division website. View the online SCEMD Hurricane Guide (PDF).

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