Boating and Fishing
Boating & Fishing

The Fripp Island deep-water marina lies just two miles from the Atlantic and offers convenient access to hundreds of square miles of Low Country marsh and creeks. Marine services include a boat ramp, dockage, boat storage, and repair. Additionally, gasoline and oil are offered for boats and automobiles.

Fishing, crabbing, and shrimping are superb in the inlets and waters that surround Fripp Island and are allowed in all saltwater areas. The Fripp Island Marina can provide complete information on licensing, regulations, and minimum sizes for catches. They can also inform you when and where to go digging for oysters or clamming. Additionally, the Marina Store offers launch services, and bait and tackle.

The Fripp Island Marina is also home to Island Excursions, a convenient location for boat and watercraft rentals. See Rental Items for more information.

Fripp Island Marina

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Fishing Licenses

South Carolina requires a fishing license for harvesting marine resources, including finfish, oysters, clams, shrimp and crab. Individuals (age 16 and older) must purchase an annual, temporary or 3 Year Saltwater Recreational Fishing License – unless fishing on a licensed public fishing pier; fishing on a licensed charter/headboat vessel while under hire; using 3 or fewer drop nets, 3 or fewer fold up traps, or 3 or fewer handlines with no hooks and a single bait per line (chicken necking); or shrimp baiting (which requires a shrimp baiting license).

Fishing Regulations

You have access to so many different varieties of fish in the area. There are breams, catfish, bass, yellow perch, and sunfish. Before you grab your fishing pole and head out on the water, check to see if your fishing license is up to date and you understand the fishing regulations in the state/area. There restrictions on catch sizes, types of fish you can catch, and season fishing that you should be aware of.



Fishing Charters from Fripp
Captain George's Fishing Charters offer a variety of fishing charter options, targeting the different types of fish species found in Fripp Island, SC and surrounding waters. Trips range from 4 hours starting at $530 to full days starting at $1060. On these trips you can catch Spot Tail Bass or on full excursions you can catch Mahi Mahi and Marlin. All fishing trips are priced for 4 passengers, but there is a maximum of 6 passengers allowed for an additional cost. Only cash and checks accepted, no credit cards.
Captain Eddie's Fishing Charters offer near and onshore charters on a 21' Key West Bay/Reef boat. Trips range from 4 hours (half day) starting at $425 to 6 hours (3/4 day) starting at $625. Onshore trips you can catch Trout, Bass or even Flounder. Nearshore trips you can catch Mackerel, Barracuda, Cobia, and Sharks. Everything on the trip is provided (fishing poles, bait, etc.) except for food and beverages. All fishing trips are priced for a maximum of 4 passengers. Only cash and checks accepted, no credit cards.
Off Island Fishing Charters
Wardle's Landing Pier
Located on the south end of the island, the Wardle’s Landing pier offers the perfect place to crab and fish on Skull Inlet.
Crabbing Dock

The Crabbing Dock is a great place to try your hand at crabbing. It offers a sheltered pavilion, large dock stretching into the tidal creek and beautiful views. You can crab anytime but will probably have the best luck when the tide is either coming in or going out. You probably don't need a license to crab, unless you're using a crab pot (a cage). Visit the South Carolina DNR for more info.

When fishing for crustaceans or shellfish, a Saltwater Recreational Fishing License is required - unless you are using 3 or fewer drop nets, 3 or fewer fold up traps, or 3 or fewer handlines with no hooks and a single bait per line (chicken necking); or shrimp baiting (which requires a shrimp baiting license).

Located at the end of Fiddler's Ridge Road, the dock is accessible by foot, bike or golf cart. When you reach the end of Fiddler's Ridge Rd., the entrance to the dock looks a bit like a residential driveway. Stay the course and you will find another of Fripp's treasures.