Boating and Fishing
Boating & Fishing
The Fripp Island deep-water marina lies just two miles from the Atlantic and offers convenient access to hundreds of square miles of Low Country marsh and creeks. Marine services include a boat ramp, dockage, boat storage, and repair. Additionally, gasoline and oil are offered for boats and automobiles.

Fishing, crabbing, and shrimping are superb in the inlets and waters that surround Fripp Island and are allowed in all saltwater areas. These maritime activities do not require a permit or license as long as what you catch is used for personal consumption only.

However, you are required to have a permit or license when any of the activities listed above are conducted from a boat. The Fripp Island Marina can provide complete information on licensing, regulations, and minimum sizes for catches. They can also inform you when and where to go digging for oysters or clamming. Additionally, the Marina Store offers launch services, fishing licenses, and bait and tackle.

The Fripp Island Marina is also home to Island Excursions, a convenient location for boat and watercraft rentals. Go to our Rental Items Page for more information.

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Wardle's Landing Pier
Located on the south end of the island, the Wardle’s Landing pier offers the perfect place to crab and fish on Skull Inlet.
Island Excursions
Choose the way you experience fun on Fripp Island when you rent one of the land and water rental toys. You can choose from golf carts, bikes, kayaks, skiffs, and mopeds for your enjoyment.

Ready to book an excursion? Check out more details on the rental options.

Fishing Licenses
To fish in South Carolina, all recreational and commercial fishing license applicants are required to have a valid permit or license issued by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Fishing licenses do expire 1-3 years from the date of purchase. If you are applying for a license, you must have proof of identity such as a valid driver's license issued in the United States, valid State issued identification card or an unexpired Passport.

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If not, you can quickly re-purchase a license to get on the water right away!

Fishing Regulations
You have access to so many different varieties of fish in the area. There are breams, catfish, bass, yellow perch, and sunfish. Before you grab your fishing pole and head out on the water, check to see if your fishing license is up to date and the fishing regulations in the state/area. There are also restrictions on catch sizes, types of fish you can catch, licenses, and season fishing.

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Check out these fishing resources on how to boat and fish in the area before you catch a big one.

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