Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page where you'll find tons of great information as you plan your Fripp Island Vacation.  While you search for your Fripp Vacation Rental, it's nice to know more about the island, the Fripp Island Resort features and amenities as well as events going on during your stay.

Got questions? We've got answers.

1Where is Fripp Island?
Fripp Island is located near the southern tip of South Carolina, midway between Charleston and Savannah, Georgia. Fripp Island is located just 45 miles from I-95 and 18 miles from Beaufort, South Carolina, at the end of US Highway 21.
2How do we get to Fripp Island?
From I-95 Going South: Take Exit 33 (Point South). Follow signs for Beaufort and US Highway 21. Stay on Highway 21 to the Fripp Island Bridge. From I-95 Going North: Take Exit 8 (turn east/right). Follow Beaufort signs and turn left on John Smith Road. Turn left on Highway 170 & 278. Stay on 170 (right) when roads split. Turn right on 802 and go past Parris Island. Turn right at first light (continuing on 802). Follow 802 over Lady's Island Bridge. Turn right at US Highway 21. Follow to Fripp Island Bridge. Check our Directions & Maps page for additional information on how to get to Fripp Island.
3What is the closest airport?
Hilton Head Airport is approximately 58 miles away, Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport approximately 67 miles, and Charleston International Airport is approximately 90 miles away. Find Ground Transportation.
4Do all rental homes have access to the beach?
Yes! The entire island is configured for easy access to the beach from any location. The preferred method of accessing the beach is via golf cart. The maximum speed limit on the entire island is only 25 mph so you don't have to worry about encounters with fast-moving vehicles. Nearly every access point to the beach has parking spaces designed specifically for golf carts and bicycles. By hopping on the golf cart, you can be at the beach within a couple of minutes. Another benefit to using the golf cart is you can carry all your coolers and other beach gear. Simply load up the golf cart, pile everyone on, and head off to any of the many beach access points. It's so simple to get to the beach, you might say that each and every home or villa on the island is "oceanfront".
5What is the Fripp Island Resort amenity program?
The Fripp Island Resort is an organization on the island that provides additional amenities to guests. These amenities include golf, tennis courts, swimming pools, on-island restaurants, select stores, rentals, etc. To access the resort facilities, you will need resort Club cards. Homes that are not resort members DO NOT offer Club cards. Only homes that are resort members can offer cards. Keep in mind that there is plenty to do on the island, even without access to the resort facilities. Also, homes not associated with the resort, typically rent for less due to lower overhead costs.
6What is a Club card? (aka amenity card)
Club cards are provided by some property owners during your rental. Fripp Island Resort Club cards give you access to all the Fripp Island Resort amenities like; golf courses, tennis courts, resort pools, and restaurants. Check the property listing to see if a particular owner offers the card for an additional fee.
7Do I need a Club card? (aka amenity card)
Club cards are needed to enjoy the complete Fripp experience. Each person, 13 and over, is required to present a card to enjoy the restaurants, resort pools, tennis club, activity center or the golf courses. While we recommend the Club cards, the beach access is public as are shops, fishing and non-resort boating charters. One of the favorite local activities is toodling around the island in a golf cart enjoying a beverage, watching the wildlife and soaking up the calm atmosphere.
8Where are the best places to eat off-island?
There are several good options on St. Helena Island and in Beaufort for off-island dining. Check out Off-Island Dining for some ideas.
9Is there a grocery store on the island?
Yes. The SpringTide Market offers your essential groceries, alcohol, and beach accessories. Open 7 days a week-year-round. The market is located on your right after you come through the front gate. Off-island grocery stores are Publix and Food Lion, both are approximately 17 miles from Fripp Island. Also, the Marina Store stocks a few groceries and supplies. See more options for Dining-in.
10Is a golf cart required on the Island?
No, golf carts are not required on the island. Although, golf carts are highly recommended because they allow you to easily transport all of your beach gear to one of the many public access points. Need a rental for your stay? No problem, we have several suggested vendors for you.
11Do I need a driver's license to drive a golf cart?
Yes, all operators must have a valid driver's license and proof of insurance. Learn more about rules and regulations: Golf Cart Rules
12What wildlife lives on the island?
As a wildlife reserve, Fripp is home to many different species. As a visitor to Fripp, you have the unique opportunity to observe these marvelous creatures in their natural habitat. There are a variety of birds, loggerhead sea turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs, and a few alligators. Fripp also has a large deer population, so don’t be surprised if you see them grazing in the yard. Please visit our wildlife page for more information.
13Generally, how do I find a Fripp Island rental property?
To locate a rental property, enter your selection criteria into the Property Search form and tap the "Search" button. If you are not sure of your selection criteria, make no selections (leaving all blank) and tap the "Search" button. All properties will be displayed for you.
14Do I have to be a registered member to use this site?
No. You are free to browse this site as much as you like to find the perfect Fripp Island vacation property. The items under the "Owners" menu are for Fripp Island homeowners.
15Can I do a search to find Fripp Island properties of a certain type?
Yes. Simply set your selection criteria in the Property Search form and tap the "Search" button. You can search based on availability and even search for specifics like pet-friendly properties and properties that offer club amenity cards.
16Is there a way to find out if a property is available on specific dates before inquiring?
Absolutely. Each property has an availability calendar. Property owners update their calendar with dates that are already booked. Although the frequency of updates varies by property, it can help you determine availability. If you have a specific time frame in mind, simply select your dates in the Property Search form and tap the "Search" button. All properties available in that timeframe will be listed for you.
17When I inquire by email, do you sell my information to other companies?
Absolutely not! That information goes directly to the owner or manager of the property of which you are inquiring.
18How can I verify that the rental property exists?
First, will not list a property unless we know it exists and is available for guests. If you encounter a situation where you think the owner has misrepresented a listed property, please feel free to inform us. It is our intent to only list properties that are honestly and accurately displayed on this site. Owners misrepresenting their properties on this site run the risk of being permanently banned from this site.
19Are pets allowed on the island?
Yes, pets are allowed in some rental properties. Do a search under our property listings to find a pet-friendly rental. Pets are also allowed on island beaches; see the seasonal rules.
20Is there a pet-sitting service on the island?
Yes. Pickens Pet Services offers pet-sitting, dog-walking, training, photography and more. Learn more about Pet Services.
21What are some fun things to do on the island?
The first obvious answer is the beach. It is a gorgeous, 3 mile long, white sand beach, accessible via a number of entry points along the length of the island. Access to the beach is very easy and convenient for everyone, regardless of the location of your rental home. Other activities include access to the Wardle's Landing pier, Davis Love Park (a favorite for kids of all ages), wildlife viewing including deer roaming the island, alligators in the many ponds surrounding the golf courses, and the vast variety of birds adorning the island. Check our Events Calendar for more.
22Is there handicap access for the beach?
Yes. Show your handicap placard at check-in to get a sticker for your golf cart. They will explain the procedure for contacting them to open the access gate. On beach day, call security to open gate at Beach Access #15. You can then drive onto the beach to drop-off the handicapped person. Access #15 is located center-island at the end of Rock Beauty Road.
23Where is the best places to go crabbing on Fripp Island?
Wardle's Landing, The Crab Dock are great places to go crabbing. Learn more.
24Where can I rent a kayak or beach toys?
There are several options for renting kayaks, beach toys, boats and more right on Fripp Island. Check out our Rental Items for more information.
25Can I visit Pritchard's Island?
Yes. Pritchard's Island is accessible by boat and is open to daily visitors. The Fripp Island Resort offers guided canoe trips or you can rent a kayak for a trip across Skull Inlet. Click to learn more about Pritchards' Island.
26Do I need a license to fish on Fripp Island?
The quick answer is yes. You need a license to fish from the land or in a personal boat rental. If you're chartering a fishing excursion, the captain will have a commercial license that covers everyone aboard. Find charters and learn more about Boating and Fishing, regulations, etc.
27Are there nearby attractions for rainy day activities?
Yes, Beaufort and the surrounding area provide many historic sites and tours. It also offers fine dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can even take in a movie or two at one of the Beaufort movie theaters or the Hwy 21 Drive-in. Check out Local Fun. Additionally, there is a historic lighthouse at Hunting Island, the island adjacent to Fripp Island. Unknown to many, Hunting Island is the most visited state park in South Carolina. The park offers camping, the lighthouse, fishing pier and nature trails. Other activities include the Parris Island U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot Museum. The museum traces military history and island settlements from the 1500s. This is a great place to educate the kids on the history of the United States Marine Corps. Check our Area Attractions page for additional places to visit.
28What do I need to bring?
Here is a list of a few items you may want to bring on your vacation to Fripp Island: Beach Towels and Blankets, Paper Towels and Napkins, Beach Toys and Floats, Bath, Laundry and Dish Soaps, Trash Bags/Foils/Plastic Wraps, Golf Clubs, Swimsuits, Sunglasses, Beach Bag, Suntan Lotion and Sunburn Remedies, Cash (more than a buck, less than a zillion), Spare Glasses/Contacts, Digital Camera, Credit Cards, Hair Dryer, Iron & board, Prescription Medicines, Condiments and Spices, Fishing Rods and Tackle, Travelers Checks, Videos, Paperback Books, Puzzles, Games, The Kids (optional :)
29Do I need a special credentials or a license to rent and/or drive a boat?

Please call the rental company for details about current regulations and boating requirements. Fripp Island Resort's Island Expeditions can be reached at 843-838-1518.

See SCDNR Updates - Aug. 2023

Learn more from SCDNR.

30Can I have my wedding on the beach?
You can have a wedding on the beach for free. There is no fee involved and, according to Fripp Island Security, there is no need for a permit. To enable guests who are not staying on the island to attend, you would need to provide a list of guests to Security in order for them to gain access to the island on the day of the event. Fripp Island Security: 843-838-2334 Learn more.