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Fripp Island is sparsely populated most of the year with an influx of rental guests and guest of owners (kids, grandkids, friends) peaking from mid-June through the first week of August. Memorial Day and Labor Day are also busy long weekends with guests. As you get farther from Memorial Day and Labor Day toward the winter months, the island population continues to decline. We do attract numerous snow birds from Canada that make Fripp Island their home for extended periods of time. Fripp Island never gets crowded like Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach. Even in the peak summer months, the north and south ends of the beach have few people on them. The beautiful beach accesses built by the island homeowners spread everyone along our amazing 3.5M beach. The two great golf courses are well maintained by Fripp Island Resort and tee times are readily available year around.

Fripp Island full time residents are scattered across the island. In general, the various villas and condominiums areas have a higher density of rentals than the single family housing. Some neighborhoods on Fripp Island are quiet year around with just the occasional toodler or biker touring them.

Interested in buying? Check out these real estate companies for current offerings and recent sales.

Real Estate Companies

Carolina blue skies and a perfectly timed afternoon low tide at the sandbar makes for happy charter guests! 😎

Carolina blue skies and a perfectly timed afternoon low tide at the sandbar makes for happy charter guests! 😎 ...

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Best. Gift. Ever.

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I’m an early riser and can never choose between heading down to watch sunrise on the beach or watching the sun paint the sky while relaxing with coffee on our porch. 
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I’m an early riser and can never choose between heading down to watch sunrise on the beach or watching the sun paint the sky while relaxing with coffee on our porch.
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Owners Talk About FrippIslandStay
  • Rick Carlson
    ...we have used Bob Smoak and his team for the last three years and they have always been very helpful. You will be very happy with their management and attention...
    Rick Carlson
  • Maria Haun
    I just wanted to give a shout out to Fripp Island Stay!  We are new to the island and just bought in John Fripp Villas. After a ton of research, we chose to use and love it!
    Maria Haun
  • Pamela Kinas
    We're excited to have our new property available to rent and just wanted to share how incredibly happy we are with Fripp Island Stay!
    Pamela Kinas
  • Emily Homer-Conrad
    Yes! David Sykes is the best! I've had so many mistakes already, and he has been so patient and kind with me!  Thank you David!
    Emily Homer-Conrad
  • Adrianna McCullar
    We are very thankful for David's help & guidance throught this process.
    Adrianna McCullar
  • Linda Shriver
    David is so patient and helpful with any questions any time.  I have been very pleased with FrippIslandStay!
    Linda Shriver
  • Monte Runfola
    David is excellent and I highly recommend him.
    Monte Runfola
  • Carol Ference
    I wanted to send a message out to thank David Sykes for helping me get my rental property on his website (Fripp Island Stay).  With the help of David and his guidance...We are thrilled with our decision to only rent through Fripp Island Stay.
    Carol Ference
  • Michele Reale
    David and Bob - very knowledgeable and helpful!  We will certainly check back in on options when we are rental ready!
    Michele Reale
  • Michael Trayford
    Bob and David are awesome!!!
    Michael Trayford


Many residents purchase a second property as in investment. It is easy for them to manage the rental themselves and provide the minor maintenance required when guests visit. It can be a great way to diversify ones portfolio. The majority of owners are 2nd home owners who purchased the property for many reasons.

Some owners purchase a 2nd home with the intent to eventually retire at Fripp Island. These owners visit Fripp as often as possible to enjoy the relaxing tranquil environment. Some rent their homes to offset some of the costs but view it has an investment in their future life. When they retire, many live at Fripp from Labor Day to Memorial Day and rent their home during the busy months. This approach essentially yields a free home. They maintain a down sized home close to kids and family, It is a great way to control expenses and get the best of both worlds.

Weekenders & Beaufort Locals
Many other owners are local to the Beaufort area and treat their Fripp Island home as a weekend getaway. They might also rent their home to offset costs but because of their proximity, they can still spend the day enjoying the Fripp Island beaches and amenities. Many younger full time owners, live and work in the surrounding sea island communities. They enjoy Fripp Island’s natural beauty and add to the fast growing greater Beaufort economy.

Real Estate Companies


Homes and Villas on Fripp Island start below $100,000 for 1 bedroom getaways to over $4,000,000 dollars for oceanfront luxury homes. Your budget and of course planned usage have a large impact on which property you should choose for purchase. Many people can afford a more expensive home or more desirable island location if they choose to rent the property. Here are a few pointers garnered from others on the island:

Location in relation to the beach. Oceanfront homes and villas rent for more than similar size homes not on the Ocean. The farther away you are from the ocean, the lower the rental rate will be but also the lower purchase price of the home. An example, a Captain John Fripp villa which are oceanfront complexes rent for more than Tennis villas that are similar size and just across the street.

Size matters. Of course size matters when choosing a vacation home and it matters to vacationers as well. Many families purchase 2 BR villas to enjoy with their small children but then outgrow them when the kids become teenagers and want to bring friends.

Condition of home. Nicer homes rent for more money. The HGTV shows are right. People also tend to treat homes that are clean and updated better than ones that are not. It many cases, you can pay for your renovation simply by raising your rental rates when complete. Many buyers believe they are getting a great deal by purchasing a fixer upper but renovating on Fripp Island is likely much more expensive than your current home. Our codes are very strict to protect your investment from hurricanes and the island is not exactly conveniently located. This is why many buyers choose homes that have already been renovated. They just do not want a project at their 2nd home.

Join the Club. If you plan to rent, you definitely should join the club. Vacationers want to use the amenities and rentals closer the main amenities generally rent better. If you do not join the club, you will rent for less money and fewer days.