Nature Tours
Nature Tours

The Fripp Island Resort offers several nature tours to help you discover all the wonders of Fripp Island. From crabbing and canoeing, to gator and turtle walks, you'll be amazed at the abundance of wildlife on Fripp and the sights to see. Bring the family and get ready for adventure.

Tours start at the Activity Center, unless otherwise noted. Nature Tours vary by season and many are weather permitting. Learn more about upcoming activities from Fripp Island Resort.

Please contact the Activity Center for scheduling and availability. ☏ 843-838-1516

Birding ▼

Being a wildlife preserve, Fripp Island is home to hundreds of species of birds: Black-bellied Plover, Common Tern, Great Blue Herons, White Ibis, Pelicans, Great Egrets, Oyster Catchers, Marsh Hen and so many more. Explore the island on this 1 hour tour and see how many you can spot.

Canoe to Pritchards Island ▼

If you're looking for adventure, join this tour to canoe across Skull Inlet to the uninhabited shores of Pritchards Island. The beach has the best shells just waiting to be collected.

Crabbing ▼

Learn to bait, set, trap, and release the Blue Shell Crab along with any other unwitting critter to fall into our traps. You will learn about the life cycle of this crustacean and its significance to the environment.

Dolphin Kayaking ▼

Paddle to all the great places where dolphins are commonly seen and learn about their feeding habits, movements and more. This weekly program is a great way to get out on the beautiful waterways of Fripp Island. Kayak tours depart from the Marina Boat Ramp.

Feeding Frenzy ▼

Feeding Frenzy is a fun and exciting activity. And this is not for the faint at heart. Come help feed the snakes at the Activity Center.

Gator Walk ▼

Come meet Archie, Fripp Island Resort’s baby alligator. Then proceed to the golf course ponds to search for gators lurking in the still waters of their home.

Junior Naturalist ▼

This activity if great for school aged kids (7-12) with a different theme each day of the week. Join the program and spend the afternoon shadowing a resort naturalist scouting out the ocean, marsh, reptiles and more. Complete all of the segments and get an official Fripp Island Junior Naturalist certificate.

Marsh Kayaking ▼

The Intercoastal Waterway gives you the unique opportunity of observing a land meets sea environment. Only on a Fripp Island Kayak trip will you get to see Eagles and Ospreys as well as dolphins and other marine life. Kayak tours depart from the Marina Boat Ramp, ages 14 and up.

Meet the Animals ▼

Stop by the Activity Center each day for the Meet the Animals program. Resort naturalists will have a new animal out to interact with and ask questions. Kids love the chance to touch and feel all the critters at the Activity Center. This is a great time for a keepsake photo.

Nature Cruise▼

Join the Resort Naturalists to learn about dolphins and other inhabitants of the salt marsh.

Nature of the Night▼

Learn about our residents that only come out at night. Look for Screech Owls, night hawks and bats. If you’re lucky you may find gators, spiders and frogs too. Close-toed shoes are required for this adventure.

Nature Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt▼

This fun adventure is a great way to explore Fripp and learn about all of its natural wonder. Study the clues to find wildlife, plants and more as you toodle around the island. Don't forget your camera!

Night Frog Walk ▼

Ribbit, Ribbit! Go introduce yourself to the reptiles at the Activity Center, and then go experience the real thing in the wild terrain of Fripp Island. You will learn about the habitat, diets, and anatomy of various reptiles and amphibians.

Ocean Seining▼

Join this tour on the beach and discover who’s swimming in the surf and tide pools on Fripp Island. Learn how to cast a net and be prepared to get wet as you help pull in the prize! This catch and release adventure meets at the end of Tarpon Blvd.

Pollinator Program▼

Join the naturalists in the native plant garden and discover the wonders of the birds, bees and butterflies that migrate to Fripp each year. These great pollinators are important to the ecosystem on the island; you'll be amazed at their beauty and how they play a big part in making Fripp so wonderful.

Sunset Kayaking▼

Nothing is more peaceful than paddling through the tidal creeks and enjoying a beautiful sunset. Have your adventure and relax at the same time. Be sure and ask about the full-moon tours. This tour departs from the Marina Boat Ramp.

Turtle Walk▼

Join Fripp Naturalists on this tour to find sea turtles that return to the island each year to nest. This beach walk is relaxing and educational.