Fit on Fripp Yoga – Fridays

Fit on Fripp Yoga – Fridays

Fripp Island Resort is offering two yoga classes.

Beginner Yoga: No experience required! Poolside yoga at Ocean Point Pool on Wednesday evenings at 5:30PM. One-hour class session.

Yoga Flow: This flow class focuses on the fundamental yoga poses that make up a well-rounded yoga practice. Emphasis is placed on safe and effective alignment during poses and during the transitions between poses. Individuals new to yoga, and those who have been practicing for years will enjoy deepening their understanding of these core poses and the effects they can have on the body, breath, emotions, thoughts, and sense of becoming more centered. This class can be moderately vigorous as individuals flow from one pose to the next guided by their breath and the supportive guidance of the instructor. Located at the Creek House on Friday mornings at 8AM. One-hour class session.


Mar 24 2023 - May 31 2023

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